Introduction to Sailing


Interested in sailing lessons?

Our emphasis is:

Safety…Fun…Sailing Skills



Course 1: “Introduction to Sailing”

Have you wanted to experience sailing but never taken that first step? Maybe you didn’t think you had the time? Maybe you thought it too expensive? Whatever your reason, it is much simpler and less daunting than you may have thought.

Our introductory clinics are half day events involving a few pleasant hours in boats with experienced skippers. They will answer your questions and let you experience sailing at your own pace. Our $25 per person fee is inexpensive because we are volunteers and base our fee structure on actual cost, not on profits.

Sessions begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning. You can expect about one hour in a morning briefing session followed by rigging at the dock and sailing on the water. A light lunch will be provided around 12:30pm, allowing us time to answer your questions and hear your comments about the event.

Note: Schedules are developed throughout the year and may change based on volunteer instructor and coach availability. If you have enrolled in a session that must be rescheduled, your instructor will notify you.

“Introduction to Sailing” sessions for 2012 will be held on March 31st and July 7th.

If you would like to sign up list for our March or July 2012 sessions, please contact event coordinator Allan Gowans: 803-240-4333 or

1. Wear soft soled shoes. Ordinary sneakers or athletic shoes are fine. Do not wear open toed sandals.
2. Bring sunscreen or sunblock. If you normally wear
sun protective clothing outdoors, be sure to wear it for these sessions.
3. Wear sun shades. Your eyes need the protection.
4. Dress for unexpected weather. Layering is best.
5. Bring a properly sized US Coast Guard approved PFD with you.*
6. Use your sun protective gear, clothing, or lotions even if the day is cloudy. Indirect UV is just as harmful as UV from full sun.

Contact Allan Gowans at 803-240-4333 or for information about enrolling.

In the event there is no class date posted, feel free to contact Allan and get your name on our notification list. Similarly, he would like to hear from you if you are aware of an individual or group interested in the “Introduction to Sailing” clinic.

*Safety requirements prohibit us carrying students not wearing USCG approved Personal Flotation Devices.  If you do not have an approved device and cannot borrow a suitable one from a friend, West Marine or your local sports outfitter offer basic models at nominal cost.